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Visiting Friends in Phoenix

It is great to have the time to reconnect with dear friends that I have not seen for years! I have known most of these people for nearly 30 years, but haven't seen any of them for more than 6 years. Had a great dinner at Big Bhudda Chinese in Surprise, AZ.

After this visit, I headed south and east, and got stopped by snow East of Tucson. Arizona had a "storm of the decade" while I was there. But after visiting Karchner caves outside Tucson, I finally made it out and onto sunshine in the South! continuing my friends and family tour around the states.

Home remodeling is slow, but making progress while I am away. Hopefully, everything will be close enough to done, that I can leave for the central America trip on the 9th. I cannot wait to get the main adventure started!

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