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Stopped up to Pristina, Kosovo for a few days to see the new Republic that declared independence from Serbia 14 years ago. The city is nice, and the countryside of Kosovo is beautiful.

There are some challenges, however. Cell coverage wasn't good. And the rolling blackouts, due to lack of electricity supply, take some getting used to. But, it was cool that during a blackout the playgrounds were loaded with children.

But, make sure you charge devices when you can; and keep cash handy because ATM and credit card networks will just drop also. 

Pristina skyline.jpg

Pristina Skyline

It seems like the whole city is being rebuilt

Monastery of Gracanica

Beautiful monastery just a few miles outside Pristina

Monastary of Gracanica 2.jpg


The capital city of Kosovo seems like it is being rebuilt everywhere. I don't think I have seen this many cranes anywhere else. 

Just 14 years into independence and 2 decades removed from the Kosovo War, this new Republic has some growing up to do yet.  But, it seems like it is well on its way.  There is still, of course, political tension in the region, but you will not experience any of it while visiting.  The people are very kind to tourists, even if they do not see that many.  As such, Pristina isn't really a tourist destination. There isn't a lot to see or do in the city.  My recommendation for Kosovo, as it is for most of the Balkans, is to enjoy the gorgeous countryside.

Cathedral of Mother Theresa Pristina
pristina skyline
Xhamia e Madhe Pristina
Bill Clinton memorial Pristina
Newborn sign Pristina

Monastery of Gracanica

Located a few miles southeast of Pristina, and built in 1321 on the ruins of a 6th-century basilica, this church is very popular for events like weddings. 

The downside is that there is no public transport to this area, so you will need a taxi, and have that taxi wait for you to take you back into the city because you will not find another one out here.  Better yet, get a car when visiting Kosovo so you can enjoy the countryside.

Monastary of Gracanica
Monastary of Gracanica
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