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Northern most Baltic state just a ferry ride from Helsinki.

This nation is smaller than West Virginia. But, it has 1500 islands, 1000 lakes and is 50% forested.  

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral.jpg

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

Built in late 19th century during the Russian Empire

Kadriorg Art Museum

18th Century Building built by Peter the Great

Kadriorg Art Museum.jpg


The capital, on the shores of the Baltic Sea.  A wonderful old town, with walls and gates and towers to explore.  Plus, a German influence from immigration in the 12th and 13th centuries. 

tower Tallinn
Viru gate Tallinn
Town Hall Square tallinn
tallinn walls
old Hansa Tallinn
Town Hall Square Tallinn

Favorite Places in Tallinn

Tallinn Old Town

One of the best old towns I have seen.  Enter in one of the old gates, like Viru Gate, and just explore the town and its treasures. 

Head into Town Hall Square and the 13th century town hall. 

Eat at Old Hansa and experience the German culture. 

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

One of the many cathedrals in Eastern Europe named for this 13th century soldier and politician who was sainted in the 16th century and is considered one of the greatest Russian heroes.

Freedom Square

large square and symbol of independence surrounded by cafes and shops.

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