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Southernmost Baltic state, situated between Belarus and Poland, with a grand history including the founding of the Lithuanian nation in the 13th century, and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania from the 14th century.

Cathedral Square 2.jpg

Cathedral Square

gathering place in the middle of the old town, with Vilnius cathedral, Bell Tower and the Palace of Grand Dukes

Neris River

meandering through the center of the capital, Vilnius

Neris River.jpg


A wonderful little city on the Neris River with a castle on the hill, and a number of beautiful churches throughout the city.

Cathedral Square

Popular pedestrian square with a cathedral, bell tower, and Palace of the Grand Dukes

Gediminas Castle Tower

3 story tower built in the 15th century overlooking the river and the city.  Right next to the tower is the Ducal Palace of the Upper Castle

St. Anne's Church

There are a number of beautiful churches in Vilnius, but this red brick church built around 1500 is my favorite.  It can even be noted clearly from the castle tower.

vilnius lithuania
st anne church vilnius
Neris River vilnius
Gediminas Castle Tower Vilnius
Vilnius Cathedral Square
Vilnius Street and Castle Tower
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