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Situated along the coast, with plenty of shoreline.  Dense jungles to the west, and the great barrier reef off shore.  Add in Mayan ruins, and wonderful people, no wonder this is a popular vacation spot. 
Add in that the language is English, and the currency is 2-1 pegged to the dollar (plus many places take dollars).  This is a very easy place to enjoy Latin America.  


Inland, wildlife and Mayans ruins are everywhere.

The Cayes

Diving, snorkeling, fishing, or just hanging out on the beach.  What a great place to relax.

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Belize City

The capital and largest city, 57,000 people. this can serve as a good home base if you would like to spilt your time between the Cayes and the Inland jungles and ruins. However, there isn't a lot to offer in the city itself.


Mayan Ruins

One of the 3 main reasons for visiting Belize.  There are over 600 sites of Mayan history in this small country, so if you are looking for variety, this is the place to be.  The main sites are Caracol, which ironically at its height was larger and more populous than Belize City is today, Altun Ha which is maybe the easiest site to get to. But, there are other incredible sites that are harder to get to like Lamanai or Xunantunich. 


Jungle trekking and caving

Another popular, and exciting, activity in Belize is heading out to the jungle and spelunking.  it is amazing what you will find in caves in Belize, and you will get the chance to get up close and personal with sacred sites, and burials areas.



as a contrasting activity to your time in the jungle, you can head out to the Cayes off the east coast of Belize.  Great places for diving, snorkeling, or just sitting on the beach with a cocktail.

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