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The middle Baltic state, on the Russian and Belarussian border.  By European standards, a young country not getting independence until post WW1. 

Riga Cathedral.jpg

Riga cathedral

13th century Lutheran church

Old Town Riga

Art Nouveau architecture

Riga Old Town street.jpg


Despite the relative youth of the nation, the capital Rig has an incredibly deep history back to the 13th century.  Ruled for centuries by the Poles, Lithuanians, Russians, and Swedes; the history here is quite varied.

Riga Cathedral

Built in 1211, and used as a concert hall during the Soviet Era, this church is iconic to the Riga skyline


 House of the Black Heads

built in the 14th century, and rebuilt after the war.  This home was created for the merchant guild.  It is a proud history, but honestly, it feels like the mob to me.  

The Freedom Monument

Celebrating the fight for independence after WW1

riga latvia
Riga Cathedral
St Peters Bascilica riga latvia
blackhouse riga latvia
Riga Cathedral   interior
Riga Old Town street
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