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I realized how pretty the north of Bosnia is with its hills, rivers, and canyons. If I ever return, I would like to just spend time in the countryside up north.



The river through the middle of town sits in a gorge that gives it a dramatic feel; set against the old bridge and buildings.

Stone Bridge



I have seen this city on lists of the most beautiful small cities in Europe.  Though, I think the town has potential, it is way too soon to exalt it like that. 

This town suffered greatly during the war, and it still shows. Even the building I stayed in still has the pockmarks form bullets. But, in time, I am sure it will shine again. 

For now, the old stone bridge is pretty and there are a couple blocks of old shops next to it that are worth visiting.  But, that is about it.

War Damage

Some of the evidence of war still showing.  The balcony with flowers is where I stayed.


Driving north towards Croatia

From the pictures of the road, you can see that the north of Bosnia is quite beautiful.  Even on this rainy October day. I would like to return in the summer to see more of this.

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