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It has been many years since I visited Beijing. Hopefully, Covid policies will allow a return sometime soon.  There is so much more country that I would like to visit.

Seeing the Great Wall of China is awe inspiring.

Enjoying the Forbidden City, with its architectural wonders is incredible.  Do you wonder how a wooden structure can last hundreds of years, and through many earthquakes?...come see this place.  

There are also levels of history to enjoy here. The ancient history that dates back thousands of years, and has brought so much to the world.  

And the more recent, and turbulent, history (20th Century)

Great Wall

Most visitors head to Badaling to see the wall, but I recommend going a little farther out, maybe Jinshanling, to reduce the crowds. Of course, what you are seeing is re-built sections. But, the sheer immensity of the endeavor is boggling.  We still do not know precisely how many miles of wall were built.   

Forbidden City

Completed in the 15th century, the home of the emperors has 980 buildings.  

Tiananmen Square and gate

sitting in front of the Forbidden City, these also date to the 15th century. This pedestrian square is over 100 acres.  Keep walking away form the Forbidden City and also visit Zhengyang Bridge and gate, along wiht the Mausoleum of Mao.

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