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I had never been to Montenegro before, and didn't know much about it; but I figured Croatia was just north, and Greece just a bit south, so Montenegro must also be beautiful.

I was right.  It is gorgeous!

Budva from above.jpg


City on the sea with great history, and even some beach space.  There are not many places that you can Roman ruins, and a 15th century citadel, then just walk down to the beach and have a drink.

Durmitor National Park

Get out to the mountains!  Hiking in he summer, and skiing in the winter...just beautiful!

Black Lake Durmitor National Park.jpg


an up and coming beach community to give a budget option to Croatian cities to the north.

Old Town

walled medieval city with an archeological museum, a citadel, and a number of churches.

Mogren Beach

when you are ready for some beach time, head down the walkway from Old Town and enjoy, but be prepared for crowds. If you want, book a room at a beach hotel and they may have a private beach. 

Fort Kosmač

ruined fort on the hills above town, come for the view!

Budva from Kosmac Fort.jpg
Budva from above
beach in Budva
Ballerina Statue

Durmitor National Park

Come in the winter for skiing, and in the summer for hiking.

Black Lake Durmitor National Park
Virak Montenegro
Virak Montenegro
Virak Montenegro
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