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Northern Peru is about as opposite Ecuador as you can get. I feel like I drove into southern Arizona or Texas

open road northern Peru
open road northern Peru

Nasca Lines

After seeing the lines, I have a new theory on their creation. They were made by the Nasca children. It is their equivalent of a grade school picture on a fridge. Nasca Mom - "of course it is a frog sweetie! It is a beautiful frog! No, I would never erase your frog. We will leave it there for the whole family to enjoy!"


Arequipa is nestled right between the desert and the Andes mountains in the background. Great architecture.


Tires can be an adventure

I blew out a sidewall of my tire in Ecuador, near Arenillas. But, of course, no tire shops there.  So, it was either head back north a couple of hours, or cross the border on this sketchy tire to the tire shops in Zarumilla, Peru.  So, I went to Peru, hoping the tire held.  Only to find that not a single shop carried my tire size. So, I had to buy 2 off size tires (cannot just have one off size) to get me down to Lima, where I could throw those tires away and get 2 proper tires. That sidewall ended up being pretty costly!    

tire issue replacement Peru
tire issue

Earthquakes can be another adventure - Piura, Peru

At 3 AM, staying in my hotel in Piura, I am woken up by the sound like a train, and my bed shaking. It took me a while to realize when the bed started to move side to side, that it was time to move! Luckily, the epicenter was pretty far away and in Piura, there were only a couple of old buildings down.  There didn't seem to be much damage there, and I was able to head out later in the morning. 


The colonial capital of the Arequipa region, and known for Baroque architecture.  The city is framed by 3 volcanos, so it is just a beautiful setting. Centered on the Plaza del Armas, and highlighted by the 17th century Basilica cathedral; the town is quite pretty.

Stop up to the Yanahuara Scenic Overlook for the best views of the city under engraved arches.



I was really surprised by the variety of food options in this city.  I am not a foodie by any means, and even I was inspired to try new types of restaurants.

and, while I stayed in Lima, I got to feel my second earthquake since being in Peru.

Lima Main Square

with the baroque style Cathedral of Lima and the Municipal Palace of Lima

Huaca Pucllana Site Museum

remains of Inca step pyramid and museum


head down for some surfing at Playa Los Pavos or Playa Barranquilla

Lima dinner
Lima dinner
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