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For some reason, I had this preconceived notion of a reserved, stoic Sweden.

Wow, I couldn't have been more wrong!

Not only is Stockholm absolutely gorgeous, the people here have been among the friendliest and happiest people I have seen yet in my travels.

I really want to come back in July or August, but I am afraid I won't want to leave again.


Vasa ship 4.jpg

Vasa Museum

Incredible museum based on the Vasa.  I wondered how you can base an entire museum on just 1 ship, but this place is wonderful.  Perhaps one of the most informative museums I have ever visited. this is the most popular site in Stockholm, and for a good reason. It is not just an old boat in a building. It is an incredible telling of the boat’s tragic history, and the people that were involved. 

Water, water everywhere

Fun fact I learned here..., Sweden has more islands than any other country with more than 260,000 of them.

Stockholm view Gamla Stan.jpg


Absolutely beautiful at every turn
Royal Palace.jpg
Riddarholmen Church 3.jpg
Royal palace stairs.jpg
Parliament House.jpg

Getting around on metro.

But, if you don’t buy a pass; One of my favorite simple things was that you could just wave your credit card at the entry for the train.  No ticketing necessary.  However, I don’t know how they would verify ticketing if asked, especially for a transfer. And, the penalties for not having a ticket are really high.  As of 2022, about US$ 120. Luckily, I was never asked.

The downside is that you cannot buy a number of tickets in bulk as in places like Paris because the time limit for ticket is activated at purchase.  But, since it is so easy, you don’t really need to buy them 5 or 10 at a time.

From the airport.

The Arlanda Express is pretty easy, leaving from 2 spots at the airport, and going right to Stockholm Central. The ticket is about US$ 30, which is pricy for an airport train, but it beats taking a taxi or UBER since the airport is 25 miles north of town.  It is also faster as it doesn’t have to deal with traffic. At the airport, just head for the signs for the Arlanda Express (airport train), and there will be plenty of ticket machines as your near it.  You WILL be asked to show your ticket on board.

Stockholm tourism is based mainly around Old Town (Gamla Stan). Once in Old Town, it is very walkable, so if you stay near the center, you may use transport very little.  It takes 20 or 30 minutes to walk across the whole area, and you will want to, since it is so beautiful.  It feels like you are always near the water in Stockholm, and it is true. 

Stockholm is simply one of the beautiful capital cities of the world. Clean, friendly, colorful architecture. Just a gem to simply walk around in.

I was fortunate to arrive just in time for Walpurgis. A celebration of the coming spring, with bonfires. 

Favorite places in Stockholm

I barely left the area around Gamla Stan (Old Town).  There was so much to see there.  It is a lot of fun to just walk around and see the beautiful buildings, with water everywhere. 

Vasa Museum

This is a must see, incredibly interesting maritime museum

The Royal Palace

Baroque Style palace with 3 museums. The royal residence has bee at this location since the 13th century.  The current palace has 1,430 rooms. 

Riddarholmen Church

sitting on the separate island west of Gamla Stan, this church has elements form the 13th century


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