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Walking around Copenhagen; following wide avenues with 5 story stone buildings, this feels very continental at times.  Then, there are red brick buildings, or colorful boathouses on a canal, and it feels very Scandinavian.  So, I guess Denmark is where the continent meets Scandinavia.  

Christiansborg Palace 5.jpg

Palaces abound

Christiansborg, Fredericksburg Palace, and Amalienborg which is five palaces in one.  There are plenty to see.

Seas and canals

Denmark is located between the North Sea and Baltic Sea, so there is plenty of water around. The part of Denmark where Copenhagen is located, is on an island, after all.   



Founded 9 to 10 centuries ago, this city of about 600,000 people was founded as a Viking fishing village and became the capital of Denmark in the 15th century, and also the capital for Norway by the 17th century. 

Today, it is an extremely inviting capital, easy to navigate, with a lot to see. 

SMK national Gallery.jpg

Getting around Copenhagen

Like all Scandinavian cities, there is an app for that. (DOT).  But, for the first time in a while, I bought a city pass that gave me unlimited metro travel for a few days.  I would love to say I was forward thinking and wanted to save money; but the reality is that I simply couldn't get the app to work.  But, it worked out as I paid about $28 USD for 72 hours of travel.  and, that includes the airport. So, it is a pretty good deal.  For an even better deal, you can buy the Copenhagen Card.  It gives you free transportation plus free entry to 80 tourist sites (Discover version) ...or to 40 tourist sites plus hop on hop off busses (HOP version)

Like other cities in the north, public transportation is an honor system. Just get on and off without presenting your ticket.  However, if you get caught without a ticket by a random inspection, the fine is hefty.   So, have your ticket with you.  

With a combination of above ground trams, underground metro, and busses, there is transportation available everywhere.

Amalienborg Winter Residence

Amalienborg was originally built for four noble families; however, when Christiansborg Palace burned in 1794, the royal family bought the palaces and moved in. The first palace was named for Queen Sophie Amalie. 

But, since the royals took over, the 4 palaces have been renamed for successive Kings. Christian VII, Christian VIII, Frederick VIII and Christian IX.

Amalienborg 2.jpg

Christiansborg Palace

This is Denmark's all in one palace.  It is used by the monarchy; but is also the home of the Prime Minister office, the Supreme Court, and Parliament. 

Supposedly, it is the only building in the world that houses all 3 branches of a nation's government.

The first castle here was built in 1167, and parts of that can still be seen.  But, there have been additions throughout the centuries, right up to the 19th century.

Christiansborg Palace 5.jpg
Christiansborg Palace.jpg

Rosenberg Castle and King's Garden

Originally built as a country summerhouse in 1606, and expanded for decades to reach its current state in 1624.  It was used as a royal residence until 1710.  Today, it is open for tourists and houses the Danish Crown Jewels and the coronation chair.  As well, it is surrounded by the country's oldest royal gardens. 

Rosenberg Castle.jpg
King's garden 4.jpg
King's garden 3.jpg
King's garden 2.jpg

The Round Tower and Trinity Church

a 17th-century tower, built by Christian IV, it was constructed as an astronomical observatory.  Today, you can ascend the rounding ramp to see great views of Copenhagen. It is attached to the beautiful Trinity Church, also worth a stop. 

Round Tower.jpg
Round Tower ramp.jpg
Trinity Church.jpg
Trinity Church interior.jpg

Kronborg Castle

Located about a 45 minute metro ride north of Copenhagen; this 16th century castle was built on a tip of land across from Sweden on the grounds of the fortress of Erik of Pomerania dated from 1400-1420.  Used for 200 years as a part time royal residence; After 1783, the castle was mostly used as a military barracks.     

Kronborg Castle 3.jpg
Kronborg Castle courtyard.jpg
Kronborg Castle.jpg
Kronborg Castle greeat ballroom.jpg
Kronborg Castle queen's gallery.jpg
Kronborg Castle chapel.jpg
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