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The Netherlands

The Netherlands is known for its windmills (there are over 1200) and its flowers (it is the worlds leading exporter).  But, I came to see how a small country that is half below sea level could become a historical empire. 


Amsterdam nightlife

famous in this city, but don't go crazy 

Amsterdam canals

They are everywhere. Just walk along the canals, enjoy the history.  Remember, these are the same canals that Rembrandt and Vermeer walked along so many years ago.



In the 13th century, a small fishing village decided to build a dam to hold back floodwaters.  Thus, was born the future of Amsterdam.  Add in the wealth of nearly 200 years of the East India Company (1602-1795), and you have the basis for the Dutch success we see now. 

Today, it is an interesting town with a lot of variety. You can go to the town center for history like the Royal Palace, The New Church, and the Anne Frank house.

You can go to the museum district for the Van Gogh Museum, The Rijks Museum, and the Stedelijk Museum, among others.

And, don't forget to save some time for biking.  There are over 450 miles of bike paths in the city.


Favorite Places in Amsterdam

Van Gogh Museum

Housing over 200 works by the artist. Exploring various themes, and including drawings and letters.  Also, highlighting the effect he had on his contemporaries. 


Located at the head of Museumplein, situating it close to other great art museums; it holds an extensive collections of over 1 million pieces of the Netherlands from the Middle Ages to the 20th century.

Rembrandt Museum

In the 17th century house that Rembrandt lived and worked from 1639 to 1659.  Depicting not only the work, but also the life of the artist.

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