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**(Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of my trip to Israel, Palestinian territories, and Jordan as my devices were stolen as I returned to The States after this trip)

Country at the crossroads of Asia, Africa, and Europe with a history back to the Paleolithic.

My visit to Jordan is still one of the places that puts special memories in my heart.  The places I saw were really cool, even amazing, but what I took away from Jordan was how very special the people are.

I stayed in the capital, Amman, and enjoyed the ruins like the Roman Temple of Hercules and Amman Citadel. But, it was just as enjoyable to walk the streets and enjoy street food (still not sure what it was that I ate, but is was delicious.

I took a day trip north to the ruins of Umm Qais (2 hours north), and another trip down to the highlight of any Jordan trip, Petra. (3 hours south).

And, of course, what trip would be complete without a chance to float in the Dead Sea.  What they say about not being able to sink is really true!

But, above all, it was the people that stay in my heart. From the nice engineer from the Amman who helped me through immigration from Israel, to the kind souls that got me turned right when I got lost in the north of Jordan. somewhere near Al Mokhaba.   

This is another place that I hope to revisit in the future to spend more time connecting with the people, and explore more of the history.

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