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It is just beautiful. A little gem in southeast Europe. The capital, Ljubljana, is a mix between Austrian and Italian styles...which makes sense with the history of the country was once part of both. And, Ljubljana is the only city in the country with more than 100K people.

The small city of Bled has a great lake/castle/church combo that is a must see. And, I spent a couple days hiking in Triglavski National Park - the country's only national park.

The waters here are an amazing teal color all over making the lakes rivers and waterfalls extra beautiful.

This country is a special place for me because it was an accidental discovery.  I was just driving from Italy to Croatia, and didn't know anything about Slovenia. But, after I arrived, I decided to spend a week here.  

Lake Bled

Lake Bled

Ljubljanica River



Among the smaller European capital cities at under 300,000 people, I found the city to be a perfect size for exploring. 

You can start in old town by the Ljubljanica River, pass by the Cathedral, and climb to the Castle, all in 10 minutes.

Ljubljana Castle

walk up, or take the funicular.  This 11th or 12th century castle sits on a hill overlooking town. it has been a defense structure, an arsenal, a seat of lords, a prison.  Go and see the lengthy history of this place.

Dragon Bridge

art nouveau bridge near the town center with dragon sculptures. 

Ljubljana Cathedral

 Originally, it was a gothic church. but In the early 18th century; it was replaced by a Baroque structure.

Ljubljana from the Castle
ljubljanica river
Ljubljana Cathedral
Ljubljana Cathedral interior

Lake Bled

One of the most popular places to visit in Slovenia, and when you climb a hill above the lake and look down, you will see exactly why. It is incredibly beautiful. and, as an added bonus, had a church on an island in the lake that you can visit by boat. 

lake bled slovenia
assumption of maria church lake bled slovenia

Triglavski National Park

A beautiful park in the Julian Alps, just 45 minute drive north of the capital.

With Mount Triglav, rivers emanating from caves, Lake Bohinj; this park is a vacation stop in its own.  There are hiking trails and mountain huts all around the park.

Triglavski National Park
Triglavski National Park
Triglavski National Park
Triglavski National Park
Lake Bohinj
Triglav Park
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