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Bucharest is a wonderful cosmopolitan city with a distinct French influence, from the roads named “Strade”, the train station “Gare Du Nord”, and their very own Arc de Triomphe.

Visit the largest Parliament house in the world, walk around the streets of old town, or stop into one of many art and history museums, and you won’t be disappointed.


Incredible architecture

The Parliament building in Bucharest is the heaviest building in the world, and has 1100 rooms.  An incredible site to see.

French influence

Bucharest is sometimes known as "The Paris of the East" with the French influence that started in the early 19th century.

Arc de Triomphe Bucharest.jpg


Another of my pleasant surprises on my travels.  I really enjoyed this city.  Clean, comfortable, easy to get around.

Roman Theatre Bucharest
Bucharest college
Old Town Plaza Bucharest
Patriarch Cathedral Bucharest
Old Town Street Bucharest
St Anton Church Bucharest

Getting around

Bucharest has an extensive public transport system with busses, trolleys, and an underground metro. And, riding is very affordable.  The metro costs about US$ 1.30 per ride, and the busses are half that.

The only downside for me is, that although I constantly saw busses driving around, whenever I needed one, there didn’t seem to be any, and the wait at bus stops can be easily 20 minutes for the next bus.

However, taxis are readily available and affordable.  Plus, Bucharest has plenty of Uber drivers at the ready.


Favorite places to visit

This place is huge. It is reportedly the heaviest building in the world

Arc de Triomphe
they have their own version, at 26 meters tall, next to King Mihai I Park

King Mihai I Park
Huge park with a lake and a Village Museum

Old Town
explore the streets of old town, with plenty of cute churches. and the National Museum right next toi it. At times, you will feel like you are walking through streets in France  


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