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Total Solar Eclipse in Buenos Aires

July 2nd, 2019 -

Made it to Buenos Aires in time for the total solar eclipse...which is funny because I didn't even know there was one until this morning! A lot of people gathered at the planetarium park, but the clouds kind of ruined it. The eclipse went "total" 10 minutes before sunset, but totally covered by clouds. Still pretty, though! And, in all fairness, it was only 99.6% eclipse here in BA. I don't think Ashley Marie Johnson would be happy if she found out I developed habits of just rounding things off like that! :-) Buenos Aires is a cool city, a neat mix of old and new, with good cafes, even a subway...reminds me of New York City at times. It is too bad they are in an economic crisis (recession with 10% unemployment, and 40% inflation). This is my last stop on the Latin American tour. Next week, my car goes on a ship again. This time, I am shipping to London; to start the European leg of the trip. I am looking forward to the UK, where I almost speak the language. But, in the meantime, I still have another week to enjoy the food and the culture of Buenos Aires. So, I better drink up the wine, before I switch to the pub life in England, Scotland and Ireland!

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