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Tirana, Albania

Albania has been on my short list for too long, and I finally got down to see Tirana. I had heard many things, and I didn't know what really to expect. Honestly, from what I heard, I didn't expect much. But, all the low expectations were just wrong!

This city has an incredible mix of new architecture blending in with the old Communist era buildings. Plenty of parks, and lots of open air art.

The street food is great...and cheap.

But, the I have met a lot of really nice people around the world, but this is one of those rare places where total strangers treat you like old friends. Maybe it was because I look like a clueless tourist, but I hope I am a seasoned enough traveler now that I don't look that way anymore. I believe that the Albanians are just genuinely that friendly.

I think I will have to stay a few more days in Albania before I move on to the next stop.

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