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Thessaloniki, Greece

I have left Thessaloniki, Greece and am headed to my next destination. The next spot is somewhere I love and have wanted to revisit, but it also has the dual benefit of making my friend Liz Scott really jealous.

Thessaloniki was an interesting contrast to Athens. Whereas the Athenian ruins seem to be populated mostly from the Ancient period of Greek history (Pre Christian), Thessaloniki seems to have more to offer on the Byzantine Period (after the 5th Century.) However, one can get a sense of the incredibly deep history of Greece from either city. Thousands of years of history, including Greek, Roman, Macedonian, Ottoman, Byzantine...all the way to the century long fight for is overwhelming.

And, Thessaloniki is right on the water, so it has the added benefit of enjoying a seaside walk right from the city center.

Unfortunately, I didn't run into any of the Gods, which is a shame because I have a bone to pick with Aphrodite. I mean what the heck?

But, olives and ouzo aside, it is time to move on and find new adventures, as well as possibly enjoying, once again, some old adventures.

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