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Strasbourg, France

Enjoying just the outdoors due to the new Covid restrictions throughout France, and it is working out fine! There are some great Alsacian villages around Strasbourg to visit, plus the city itself has some amazing architecture. Luckily, churches are exempt from the new restrictions, so I was able to visit Strasbourg Cathedral. Unfortunately, it is so huge, I couldn't get a full picture of it.

I also popped over to so some hiking in the Black Forest in Germany, and also in the North Vosges here in France.

Alas, my time will have to come to an end now with the even stricter restrictions starting tomorrow. So, I have implemented a Plan B...which I will save for my next post.

I still wanted to visit Brittany, the Normandy coast, and Lille; but that will have to wait for another time. As of now; my favorite spot in France (outside Paris, of course) is still Lyon.

Ciao for now!

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