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Sousse and El Jem and Dougga, Tunisia

I got out of the capital and explored around Tunisia. Practicing those special driving skills required for such an exploration.

I went to El Jem to see the 3rd

century amphitheater that once held 35,000 spectators. It is the largest amphitheatre in North Africa.

And, onto the coastal, walled city of Sousse where the 8th century fort still stands next to the medina.

Of course, I had to stop for some shopping... it is not often one gets to use the word cacophony, but it really fits in a North African medina!

Continued on to Kairouan, what the Tunisians call the 4th holy city of Islam after Mecca, Medinah, and Jerusalem to see the walled center and the Great mosque.

Then, out west of Tunis out to the Roman ruins nestled into the green rolling hills.

Starting with Bella Ruglia, then finally to Dougga which houses one of the most impressive areas of Roman construction with hundreds of buildings and multiple temples.

There is so much to see in Tunisia. I am so glad I finally made it here!

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