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Slovenia - a gem in Southeast Europe

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

I wasn't planning on visiting Slovenia; but, on way to points east, I ended up stopping here for 6 days. It is just beautiful. A little gem in southeast Europe. The capital, Ljubljana, is a mix between Austrian and Italian styles...which makes sense with the history of the country was once part of both. And, Ljubljana is the only city in the country with more than 100K people.

The small city of Bled has a great lake/castle/church combo that is a must see. And, I spent a couple days hiking in Triglavski National Park - the country's only national park.

The waters here are an amazing teal color all over making the lakes rivers and waterfalls extra beautiful.

An added bonus is that nearly everybody in this country speaks really good English. That just makes the trip even easier.

In the park, they post fairy tale stories of local legends...really fun to read.

This stop turned about to be one of those pleasant, unexpected adventures along the way. I am looking forward to more of those! :-)

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