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Marrekesh, Morocco

September 19th, 2019 - I decided to take a detour and switch it up a bit by heading south to Marrekesh, Morocco. It is just a drive down to Algeciras, Spain, a 90 minute ferry, and then a drive down to Marrakesh, which was really cool because on the ferry, in the middle of the Gibraltar Straight, you can see both Europe and Africa at the same time. I have always wanted to see what Morocco was all about. And, I can report that the Medina neighborhood of Marrakesh is as busy and bewildering as I had heard. Wander the streets, pass by thousands of shops, come across an open souk, watch the snake handlers, visit the old palaces...great time! I love the Moorish architecture and French influences. The good news is that you can get by quite nicely in Morocco if you speak either French or Arabic. The bad news is, of course...I don't! But, this area is quite touristy, so, everyone has patience with visitors' lack of language skills. I decided to stay at a Riad (a Morroccon B&B) in the Medina area, and it has been great. But, there is no parking on these narrow maze like streets; so you find a place nearby, outside the Medina, where men wander the streets watching out for the parked cars in their area...for a fee, of course. I checked on my car on day 2, to find that the service comes with a cardboard sunscreen for protection. Nice touch! I leave Marrakesh tomorrow morning...where to? Dunno yet...still deciding

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