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Lyon, France

Clearly, Paris is more iconic, but I have found Lyon to be more laid back, more colorful, and definitely with more trees and green, including the nearly 300 acre Parc de la Tete d'Or.

The Musee des Beaux-Arts doesn't have the 400K+ pieces of The Louvre, but its selection is fantastic from the 15th century through the Impressionists. And, like all museums in France, work from the 1910's like Matisse and Picasso is housed in the modern art section.

If you like food, Lyon is held as the gastronomical capital of France with more than 4000 restaurants.

For the history buffs, this city has beautiful 19th century churches just a 5 minute walk from a Roman Amphitheatre, that is still in use today.

Riverside walks along the Rhone and the Saone and rambles through the public gardens give a little chill time to a trip. Bring comfy shoes!

This city seems to have a little of everything!

For future visitors, I would recommend staying in the La Croix-Rouse neighborhood. Close enough to the center, but quiet enough to relax.

But, alas, as much as I enjoyed Paris and Lyon the last couple weeks; it is time to head out to the countryside. On Friday, I will be headed to a more rural location for a bit. It is time to break out the hiking boots.


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