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Lombardy, Italy

This is the view from my patio this morning, where I had my morning coffee, and ate grapes right off the vine.

After spending the last 7 weeks in large and small cities, I wanted some time in the country. So, yesterday, I headed north to the Lombardy region of Italy, about an hour drive south of Milan, where I will spending the week. The Airbnb host has bikes here, so I will be doing some pedaling on these hills this week, to work off the pizza and gelato. And, maybe a day trip or 2 to Genoa or Milan.

My time in the Schengen Zone is nearing an end. A tourist visa is only allowed 90 days out of any 180 inside the zone, and I will be nearing that next week, so I will have to choose somewhere to go that is not part of Schengen. It has been a marvelous summer in Europe, but, I have to decide which region, or even which continent, to spend the autumn.

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