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Ireland - down The Wild Atlantic Way

July 21st, 2019 - I am out of Northern Ireland now, and into Ireland - drove south down "The Wild Atlantic Way" along the west coast. Found some great hiking in County Donegal. I did some hill climbing up Mount Errigal and got caught in the Irish summer - all seasons in one day. I was taking layers off to start, due to the warmth. Then, sheets of rain out of nowhere, with winds that will knock you down. Fun day! Then, went hiking in Glenveagh National Park - complete with waterfall and castle. Stayed dry that day. :-) Then, south to The Cliffs of Moher - another bucket list item complete! Amazing views, and lots of puffins flying around. Sorry - I took a selfie standing 2 feet from the cliff edge, but I see now that the pic didn't include the edge. You will have to trust me on that one. I also stopped by Doolin Caves. 200 feet underground to see the 2nd longest stalactite in the world. Now, I am staying in Newcastle West - a very Irish looking town, if I say so. It is about 30 minutes southwest of Limerick. Enjoying the pubs still - Turns out I like Smithwick's better than Guinness. It is funny, twice I was in a restaurant and tried to order a beverage without alcohol, maybe ice tea or lemonade - and got funny looks, and a suggestion for O'Douls. Oh, well...when in Rome. Give me another Smithwick's! One more day, which I will use to explore museums and castles in Limerick and Adare. Then, back to Dublin on Tuesday for my flight back to London on Wednesday morning. The verdict on Ireland - love it! But, it rains too much all year, and that is coming from someone who lived in Seattle.

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