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Iguazu Falls Brazil

Made it to Iguazu Falls, on the Brazil side. One of the largest waterfalls in the world. It is 8800 feet wide, and falls as much as 260 feet. Very cool. There is also a nearby bird park (aptly named Parque das Aves - which is "Bird Park" in Portuguese), I normally wouldn't take too many pictures here, but this one was really cool.

I was thinking as I crossed into Brazil yesterday, how nice it is that I am finally learning just enough Spanish to function (most of the time anyway) and now that is all blown. I don't speak a word of Portuguese. Oh, well...back to being the dumb tourist again! At least for a while. I will be swinging east and south from here, and into Uruguay soon enough, where I can stumble around in Spanish again. But, I have a bit of southern Brazil to explore first. If you are wondering why Paraguay got a quick pass...well, my "teaching" Visa didn't last long, and, I really wasn't finding it as nice as I hoped, unfortunately. As usual, the people I met were great, but Paraguay didn't have much that I found that interesting. That is okay, not every country can be as nice as Colombia or Ecuador. And, that is what I am doing out here...finding these things out for myself.

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