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Had enough of the beach for a while. Time to head inland for a bit. The plan is to cross Mexico to the east coast (Yucatan). This afternoon, I arrived in Guadalajara. Haven't been here long, but I am in love with the old colonial architecture! I am a sucker for an old, ornate, church.

Plus, the drive here from Sayulita was beautiful. A mix of low hills that remind me of the American Southwest, with green, irrigated valleys in between. Then, agave fields for the tequila industry. After all, I drove through a town named Tequila along the way.

Another travel tip driving through Mexico;

Keep plenty of cash on you. I stopped for gas. They don't take credit cards, and I was about to get on the Autopista (freeway) - with the usual tolls. I had to go searching for an ATM. And, for the record, Google Maps stinks at finding those! Good thing I have all the time in the world. :-)

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