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Entering Mexico

On Tuesday, the 12th; I started my travels south and entered Mexico at Nogales. I didn't dilly dally in Sonora or Sinaloa. I drove straight down to the beach. I did however, make a stop in Hermosilla to have lunch and see the Cathedral.

Travel tips for driving into Mexico (things I wished I knew);

Speed bumps are no joke here. They are big and sometimes show up without warning. Keep your eyes peeled. And, because you have to practically stop at each one, there is an entire cottage industry selling you things at highway speed bumps.

You will need pesos to drive south. There are frequent toll booths. I hit about 2 dozen of them in the first 2 days. But, don't fret, the total of tolls was about 1400 pesos (approx. 70 dollars). But, most do not take credit cards so have cash handy. I still haven't figured out why at some tolls booths, private citizens had taken over and demand cash. Luckily, in those times they charge less than the actual toll would have been. It was odd, but not worrisome to me.

If you are driving somewhere other than Sonora or Baja; you will need to register your car and get a tourist pass. If you enter at Nogales, the place to get this is a few miles outside of town, on Highway 15 at the Banjercito. They will also charge a $400 deposit that you get back when you leave the country. This apparently can also be done online before you go.

Gas stations are all full service here. The price is a little high, but not too bad. Comparable to California prices. Tipping is suggested. Especially if you want your windshield cleaned. 10-15 pesos will do...about 50 to 75 cents.

I singed up for T Mobile One program before I left. This plan has been great. Like I didn't leave the states. Google maps is nice to have and worked really well, except one time when it took me down a road that simply ended. Oops.

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