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Crossing Paraguay to Brazil

Unlike the last few crossings, this one actually takes place on both sides of the border.

First, as you approach the border, go through a huge area of shopping. This is where Brazilians come to get cheap goods in Paraguay. Traffic is tough, and a bit crazy. But, go through all of this until you see a large pedestrian bridge across the road. Just before that bridge is the immigration office on the right in a beige building. Park in front if you can.

Enter this office, and get stamped out. Then, about 50 feet further in is a small blue building in the center of the road. This is where you hand in your TIP. You can drive up, or walk up. I chose to just walk over. Watch the traffic, though! Hand in your TIP, and you are ready to cross.

Get back in the car, and drive across the bridge, still dealing with crazy traffic. Across the bridge, the road immediately curves right then left. on this left curve, there is a parking lot on the left. Pull in and park. This is Brazil immigration and Customs.

First building is directly in front of the lot, and well marked. This is immigration.

You may think all this traffic is going to make this area have long lines. Just the opposite. This may be the most deserted crossing office yet.

Go into immigration. There was nobody waiting, and 2 windows to help me. Takes 1 minute.

I had to remind the officer that the US doesn't need a Visa anymore since this just started yesterday.

Then, go to the right into Customs. Again, nobody waiting, and actually, no employees for a bit.

In a couple minutes, someone came out, and helped me get my TIP papers started. After entering things into the computer, he walked me to the next Customs office, further to the right. They took my title, registration, and passport, and told me to sit and wait. After about 10 minutes, they called me up. My TIP was ready. All set to enter. Going in, there was no inspection of the car or papers, and no insurance check.

There are even ATM's and restrooms here at these offices.

Both sides took about 35 minutes total.

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