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Crossing from Uruguay to Argentina

June 28th, 2019 - Crossing on the San Martin bridge near Fray Bentos, Uruguay.

This was a very easy crossing once you know what to do. It is a little odd, as this is the first drive through immigration I have seen yet.

First, approaching the bridge; you will pass through a sea of trucks. Just pass through an keep going. The first building you will see is a little gray building. This is tourist information...keep going.

The next building will be a little orange building on the center. At the right of this building are immigration booths.

The first step is to drive to one of the booths, and wait your turn. This is where you will get stamped out of Uruguay and into Argentina, and get a little white piece of paper stamped.

After getting stamped at the booth, you will pull a few feet ahead, and to the right (out of the way of traffic) to park, so you can go into the orange building for Aduano. In the door and a little to the left is Uruguay to hand in your TIP. Then, the next desk to the right of that is Argentina to get your new TIP. This is easy...passport, title, registration, and no copies needed. Also, no fees.

When you have the new TIP, head back to your car. There will be someone there to check the TIP paper. I didn't have any inspection done. Then, back in the car, ahead a little bit to final check, where they will take the little white paper. Then, you can go forward to pay the toll and cross the bridge. They take many currencies at the bridge toll, BTW.

and, onto Argentina.

This whole process may take as little as 20 minutes.

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