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Crossing from Peru to Chile

June 2nd, 2019 - This crossing is pretty straight forward. Everything is in 1 location.

First, cross the border to head to the Chilean side. Keep going through curves, and weaving until you hit what looks like toll booths. Stop here, and park in the lines in front of the booths.

First step, get the immigration form...Go to the left, and go upstairs to the casino. At a little desk on the right side of the cafeteria, they will sell you the form for 5 soles.

Go back down. each set of what looks like toll booths is migracion. Peru on the left, Chile on the right. You ,can go to any of them except the one closest to the casino...that is for buses. Wait in the line. above you will be a red sign with numbers. that is the window that is saying they are ready for you.

After you get stamped out of Peru, go to the right into the Chile line.

Once you receive the Chile stamp, you need go to Aduano. that is right behind the Migracion windows. You need another form that you can get where they X ray bags. Fill that out...twice. Then, turn in your Peru TIP, and move to the Chile Aduano for the new TIP.

After you receive that, go get your car and pull forward. They will inspect, you need to take your bags out for X ray also. Get the stamps there. And, you are set to move out.

This whole process took me 55 minutes.

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