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Crossing from Ecuador to Peru

May 24th, 2019 - Crossing from Peru to Ecuador requires stops in 2 locations when using the Hauquillas crossing.

First, as you approach the border - you will see the blue and white buildings on your left. You need to drive slightly past them, do a U-turn to approach them. And, there is plenty of parking on your left. In the 2nd building on your right, enter the door in the middle to return your TIP.

That is all at this location. You may return to crossing the border.

As you pass the border, you will come to what look like a set up for toll booths. There are empty. Pass through them. Then, curve right around the building, and an officer will check your passport, and log your plate. After that, you will move to the right for parking.

Go to the 2nd blue and white buildings for Migracion. Unfortunately, I caught this at a holiday, so it was quite busy and Venezuelans are not separated out here. However, Ecuador exit and Peru entrance are in the same place, so once you get through the line, it is quite fast.

Once you get your Migracion stamps, return to the first building that you drove past to park. Here, you will get your TIP for Peru. In the building, there is a long desk on the left with 3 of 4 men working. Wait in a short line, and approach. Simple process - title, registration, license, passport - and no need for copies.

Once you have your permit in hand, walk out the door, and there is a booth selling SOAT. Buy it here, it is about $10 depending on vehicle type.

It is all done. Go back to your car, and pull out of the parking lot to your right to enter Peru.

Even though I faced holiday lines, it was about 90 minutes.

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