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Crossing from Costa Rica to Panama

This crossing is pretty simple compared to others throughout Central America. First thing, when approaching the border, you get used to swarms of people where you need to be. That is not the case here. I actually missed it and drove right by Customs and Immigration and had to go back.

The building is a few hundred meters north of the border, on your left as you come south. It is a blue and white building with an awning on the street side - yay! for shade while you do your business. There were no helpers running around - but a nice official outside that will point to where you need to be.

Park under the awning.

First stop is for copies. That is across the street at the little yellow building.

You can also pay the exit fee at this copy building ($7US plus $1 commission)

Once you pay the exit fee, return to the blue and white building. On the north side, go to Migracion, to the Salida line. This is on the North side of the building. Get your passport stamped.

Then, go to your left, and round the corner of the building, to Aduano for vehicle exit. Fill out customs form, and get your car inspected.

That is it, you are all set to exit.

Now, drive a few hundred meters south down the road to the Panama building. Here you will find a few helpers if you want them. The building will be right in front of you at a fairly busy shopping area. Park on the right side of the building.

First step is insurance. Go to the far end of the building and turn left. There is an insurance office on your right. (small white building - Elyan Seguro) Insurance is required, and will cost $US 30, or 17,500 Colones

Then, return to Migracion. It is next to your car inside the door for the migracion windows. Get your passport stamped.

Then, you will need to take your bags out of your car and to Aduano, same building, opposite side. They will check them like an airport, and also inspect your car. You get your car permit here.

That is it. Simple and cheap. You may drive on to Panama.

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