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Crossing from Chile to Argentina

June 6th, 2019 - easiest crossing yet!

I crossed east of San Pedro at Paso Jama. The only thing you need to know here is that he crossing doesn't open until 9:00, and fill up with gas before you leave San Pedro. It can be a lonely drive. In the first 90 minutes, headed up the highway outside San Pedro up to the pass, I saw only 1 car coming down. But, I left in the morning, so the pass at the top hadn't opened yet.

Part of the reason this is easy is that there is nothing else around. Cross the border, and about 3 or 4 miles later, you get to the border crossing. You will reach an officer that will check your plate and passport. Then, drive to the right. Go, to the building on the far right, and park to the left of it. You don't use this building for anything...just to park at.

What you need is the building on your left now.

Enter, and all the windows you need are lined up starting at your left.

Chile Migracion, Argentina Migracion, Chile Aduano, Argentina Aduano. You just work your way down the line.

Once you finish with Argentina Aduano, go back to your car, pull forward a few feet to the gate/booth for inspection. And you are on your way.

The only challenge at all is that they were so light on people needing to cross, that you would have to wait a minute for someone to come back to the window to help you. Even so, this was 28 minutes from start to finish.

Looking back, it makes me wonder why Nicaragua has to be the way it is!

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