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Crossing from Brazil to Uruguay

June 25th, 2019 - crossed from Jaguarao, Brazil. This crossing actually requires 3 stops.

In Brazil, you first need to go to the Policia Federal office in Jaguarao. Coming down Highway 116, instead of turning on the main road to Uruguay, turn left 1 block earlier, on R. Julio de Casthillos. The Police office is 1 1/2 blocks down on the right. A gray building with metal fencing and a blue sign pointing to it. This is where you get your passport stamped.

After getting stamped out, head towards Uruguay again. The bridge is about 1.7 KM away. The Aduana office is actually ON the bridge. So, unless you want to stop all traffic, you want to not take the bridge quite yet. I turned right at the gas station immediately before the bridge, then immediately to the left. This allowed me to drive under and park at the base of the bridge and take the concrete steps up to Customs to turn in my TIP. This office opens at 8:30 in the AM. The officer took my paper, and asked where my car was. we went out and I showed him at the base. I guess he didn't want to go down the stairs. He just said okay, and I left.

Now, you can cross the bridge take an immediate right, and head to Uruguay. You will drive a few kilometers through Free Zone shopping before you reach the immigration and customs office. and there is no changing currency, or any services, at immigration of just after; so if you want to change money, get gas, or buy snacks; stop along the way before immigration.

As you near immigration, there is a quick left, and plenty of parking next to the red and white building.

This was quick and easy. Immigration inside the building just to the right. Then, Aduano just to the left. They didn't check anything. Just stamped, gave me TIP papers and sent me on my way.

3 stops is a bit of a pain, but at every one of the stops, I was the only customer there so it was very fast! :-)

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