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Crossing Argentina to Paraguay

First thing first - US passports need a VISA to enter Paraguay. And, this is not waived for Overlanders. I made this mistake. However, the Paraguay official had mercy on me. He would give me a 5 day education Visa as a visiting professor if I could go back and get the 7000 peso fee ($160). The fun part of this is that I was now in no man's land. Not in any country (and obviously, no ATM's). So, I had to re-enter Argentina to get the cash. Then, return to the border to re-exit Argentina, and then enter Paraguay. My passport looks crazy. I exited, entered, and exited Argentina all today. But, I made it to Paraguay finally. However, I have to leave in less than 5 days, and head east to Brazil. BTW - Brazil has the same policy, but it changes to a no Visa policy on Monday, so I am safe for at least one more country. Travel's little adventures continue to make life interesting!

If you have your Visa ahead of time, this is another straight forward South American crossing.

Heading North, cross the bridge. All services are on the Paraguay side. After the bridge, you will come to a building in the center island with a Welcome to Paraguay sign in front. Park in front of the building, on the side of the road, if you can. If not, there is a parking lot across the street to the right.

Go to the first windows on the left, to Argentina immigration. Then, work your way to the right to Argentina Aduano, and Paraguay immigration.

After that, Paraguay Aduano is on the right also, but they wanted me to bring my car forward first. So, I retrieved my car, which is only 100 feet away, brought it up to Aduano, and parked just to the right. Here, a Paraguay official filled out the TIP form, I signed, and I was on my way.

No inspection. No insurance. Really easy. Other than my Visa mishap, this is another 30 minute crossing.

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