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Carthage Tunisia

Paris was a bit chilly. So, I decided to find somewhere that was a bit warmer, but where I could also see some great history and still practice the tiny bit of French I have learned.

So, Tunisia sounded like the right place.

Wandering around Carthage, and seeing evidence of all of the past civilizations that have been here... Phoenician, Byzantine, Ottoman, Roman. It is incredible.

Since tourism hasn't recovered here yet, I was walking around the Baths of Antoninus all by myself, enjoying the 2nd century ruins by the sea interspersed with even older items back to the 2nd century BC. What a unique experience.

Then, off to the blue and white homes of Sidi Bou Said. And even to the Medina in central Tunis for some very hectic "window shopping". I certainly wasn't alone there!!

Tomorrow, I am going to take the train from Tunis down to Sousse and see what Tunisia has to offer farther south. I hope the train is okay...I paid the equivalent of US$ 3.70 for a "first class" ticket.

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