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Beach time in Tamarindo, Costa Rica

I haven't had any beach time, or taken a surfing lesson, for 5 countries now. It was time to fix that. So, I stopped in Tamarindo, Costa Rica.

The only challenge with beach time this week is that it is Holy Week, leading up to Easter, so the beach is starting to get a little nuts. For that reason, I didn't stay long.

But, I managed to get in a couple surfing lessons. Learning here was much better than trying to learn in Mexico! I even got good enough to ride a dozen or so waves right into the beach. Turns out, surfing is a lot of fun. But, when you are not good at it, it is also a bit of work. I see why most surfers are quite young. :-)

I also went diving out in the Catalina Islands. This turned out as well as I could have dreamed...octopi, Manta Rays, white tipped reef sharks...we saw it all. At one point, we had 15 foot Manta Rays floating juts a few feet next to us, or over our heads. So close, you could reach out and touch them, until you try and they move away...dang!

I was out with the divemaster, Michael, and another diver, Diego, on vacation from Mexico. We had a great time!

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