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Argentina is Big!

Argentina is Big! Why didn't somebody tell me? I drove down from San Pedro de Atacama in Chile to Mendoza, Argentina...about 1200 miles. There were times when I didn't see another car at all for 10 or 15 minutes on some highways. (On highway 27 in Chile, I went 90 minutes once without seeing an oncoming car). I guess it is good training for when I drive the Australian Outback next year. 📷:-) But, the scenery was great! Plus, I ran up to the Andes west of Upsallata, Argentina for a last look at the mountains before I head back northeast.

Mendoza is a pretty little city. Even in the winter. Nestled at the foothills of the Andes. Plus, it had some neat modern amenities...I miss coffee to go! I spent a few days there enjoying the wine country.

Since it is winter, Mendoza will be as far south as I go. It is getting chilly. Frost in the morning, and snow in the hills. I really enjoyed the gas station in this picture. It was the first station I had seen in 250 miles. But, it looks like it is from 1955. Made me wonder when it was that I hit 88 miles per hour on Highway 20...and where Doc Brown was.

It is time to turn north towards Paraguay, Brazil and Uruguay. This leg of the trip will end in early July in Buenos Aires.

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