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Got my car back in London!

August 27th, 2019 - After waiting 6 weeks in the UK and Ireland; It is amazing how good it feels to finally have my car back! I picked it up at the port in Tilbury, England this morning. After taking it in for service to see what damage South America did to it (which was just a single loose bolt on an exhaust bracket - what a great car!), I made a beeline for the Eurotunnel (Chunnel) and put my car on a train to take it to France. I figure it has been on ferries and ships...why not a train? There was just one little hiccup with the shipment...someone along the way decided to steal my rear license plate for a souvenir. So, I had a yellow British plate made with my plate number to fill that spot. I guess I will see if the police throughout Europe are okay with that. After all, what will they know about American license plates? For today, I made it to Amiens, France before tuckering out. I will spend a couple nights here then move on to...well, who knows?? :-) I guess wherever the adventure takes me. Maybe north to Belgium and Germany, or southwest to Spain and Portugal.

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