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Going through SE Europe

I haven't updated for a couple weeks. I guess I have been a little busy. After I left Slovenia, I headed south down to the Plitvice Lakes area of Croatia...something I have always wanted to see and it did not disappoint! More beautiful teal/aqua colored water. The park has trails that you can walk and hike for miles, and miles.

Then, I decided to head east to see more of the former Yugoslavia and visited Belgrade, Serbia. Sorry to say that didn't impress so that ended the former Yugoslavia tour for me. However, I did finally blow out my walking shoes here, so I had to buy new shoes in Belgrade. Very comfy!

Then, I decided to head north up to Budapest, Hungary...this town did impress! A surprisingly amazing art scene here, and incredible architecture. One fun thing about Hungarians in Budapest is they do not jaywalk....ever. It was cute. Reach a crosswalk...small little cars anywhere in site...wait for the crossing light anyway. I had to keep stopping myself from crossing.

The next stop after Budapest was Slovakia to hang out in Ruzomberok for a few days and get some hiking in. This area was beautiful. It is a ski town in the winter, but right now, was perfect for me. Fall leaves just coming in over the mountains...great hiking weather!

After that, it was time to keep heading north up to Krakow, Poland. I stopped on the way at the Wieliczka Salt Mine. What a place! Walk down 400 feet underground to see the old mines, and the sculptures and cathedrals they carved into the salt over hundreds of years. Thankfully, they installed an elevator to get back out! Then, a little time in Krakow before making a stop at Auschwitz Labor Camp...a sobering visit to say the least.

Tonight, I arrived in Prague (and immediately went to a Mexican restaurant cuz I was craving good enchiladas...unfortunately I didn't find any good enchiladas in Prague...imagine that) and will visit here for a couple days before moving on. After all my tourist Visa doesn't last forever, and they will eventually ask me to leave the Schengen Area. Plus, I don't see myself wintering in this area.

If you want to follow the pics with the trip...1 pic here each for Croatia, Prague, Budapest and Krakow.

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